Our Mission

Operation Mordechai has been launched as a time critical mission to address the humanitarian needs of the refugees who fled Ukraine to the bordering countries. We aim to conduct as many supportable extraction missions as possible and provide supply relief on the ground thru partnering agencies. We are solely dedicated to providing much needed medical supplies and essentials to ALL Ukrainian refugees while ushering young mothers and children to safety in Israel. We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization and 100% of your donations will be used solely for the benefit of the refugees.


Our Progress

  • We have secured a Boeing Business Jet from the generosity of one of our major donors
  • We have a Sun D’or Boeing 737 available to transport up to (180) refugees to Israel
  • We have received offers of critical medical supplies and basic essentials to transport to the bordering countries
  • We have a relief organization on the ground ready to distribute supplies upon landing
  • We have an esteemed group waiting to receive the Jewish refugees in Israel with open arms and heart.

Our Team

Operation Mordechai is a small dedicated group of professionals that coordinates the donation of supplies, flight and ground operations, distribution of relief supplies, and ensures proper resettlement in Israel to accepting organizations.


In honor of my grandfather, Max (Mordechai) Golditch, who fled Kiev at the age of 6 to escape antisemitism and persecution

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